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John Matthew Rosenberg

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John Matthew Rosenberg began playing music at age five, and has practically never stopped...  His early classical training provided the sound foundation from which to explore a myriad of musical spheres, and his inventive style reflects a comprehensive grasp of those wide-ranging traditions so evident throughout the world today.


...from BACH to BLUES, ETHNIC, ROCK, JAZZ, and SPACE MUSIC:  There is not much that has escaped Mr. Rosenberg’s inquisitive ears.......

Although piano was, and still is his primary instrument, John had learned to play the violin, sax, bassoon and guitar before he left to study Architecture, at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Since then, he has worked as a player, singer, and songwriter in New York, Boston, and San Francisco, as well as in some exotic foreign lands such as Turkey, Switzerland, Chile, Cuba, and South Africa.......

.....Mr. Rosenberg now resides with his wife in West Los Angeles, California.....

John has played with quite a diverse list of musical luminaries... Cab Calloway, Bonnie Raitt, Phil Collins, Jerry Garcia, Sammy Cahn, Carlos Santana, and David Grisman, to name a few.........

From small clubs to the finest grand hotels in Europe, from symphony concerts with David Benoit to music festivals around the country, John Rosenberg continues to remain one of our premier piano players who is continually sought after for his never ending originality and surprising versatility... (and he also sings).

Accomplished, polished, and yet loose and highly interactive, JOHN MATTHEW ROSENBERG always enjoys himself, and always offers his audiences a very entertaining ride across the colorful landscapes that inhabit our musical Universe.

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John was honored as "Artist in Residence" on an around the world voyage aboard the Universe Explorer.